April is Stress Relief Month at Organized A to Z

April 14, 2009 at 11:55 pm Leave a comment

During the month of April, Organized A to Z is focused on stress relief. If you live in a cluttered, disorganized home, you probably feel tired, overloaded, and unproductive. You lose valuable time looking for things you need, you lose money because you pay bills late and accrue finance charges or late fees, and you can’t escape the stress piled on by the outside world because you have no where to go to be at peace.

Just sitting in a cluttered room, or at a desk full of paper piles and files, can remind you of everything that you have to do, increasing your stress level and sapping your energy and motivation. It may seem overwhelming, but we encourage you to take it one step at a time. One of the best organizing tools that can help you accomplish this, and figure out where to start, is Organize Out-of-the-Box, and product designed by Marlo Nikkila. This is a refreshing, newOrganize Out-of-the-Box approach to getting organized. If you want a simpler, more organized life, but become overwhelmed when you try to figure out the next step to take, you will appreciate this organizing tool. It is a set of 52 beautifully-designed cards offers a year’s worth of guidance with real life solutions to help organize your life, clutter, home, office, kids, and more.
Organize Out of the Box provides inspiration and tools to get started when you are feeling overwhelmed. These beautifully-designed cards offer a year’s worth of weekly organizing tips for guidance with real life solutions to help organize your life, clutter, home, office, kids, and more.

  • Find ways to bring balance into your life by practicing self management instead of time management.
  • Create more space in your life where you live, work, and play.
  • Stop the madness by only surrounding yourself with things that bring you joy.
  • Find creative solutions to help your kids, friends, co-workers, spouse, and roommate get more organized.
  • Think differently about the special occasions in your life so you can once again enjoy what makes the experience special.

Simply pull a card from the box and draw inspiration, ideas, and motivation from it. If you only have ten minutes, there is a card for you. If you have an hour, that’s okay too because the questions that Marlo poses on the cards can keep you uncovering another layer of disorganization each time you try a new one. It’s like having a professional organizer at your fingertips! This makes a great gift for yourself or other important people in your life. Getting organized allows you to live, work and play exactly as you want.

Organized A to Znot only has products that can help you regain control and peace of mind, but also has a huge network of professional organizers that will listen to your concerns and develop a plan of action to declutter your home, and your life. We encourage you to contact one of our professional organizing partners if you have questions or need help getting started. One of the greatest rewards of our job is to know that we have restored balance, sanity, and peace into a home!

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