Did you Need to be Rescued From Your Clutter?

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Clutter Rescue Course

Clutter Rescue Course

One of Organized A to Z’s newest products is professional oganizer Diane Hatcher’s organizing tool, the Clutter Rescue Course. If you have clutter, you owe it to yourself to take this course!

This course offers a comprehensive approach to taking back control of your home and your life. You’ll develop a state of mind that produces results, not upset. Peace, not craziness. And power, not powerlessness. Pretty soon, you’ll find that the clutter will actually begin to take care of itself.

The Clutter Rescue Course™ is made up of two 10-week segments (and a 5-week bonus course) that cover personal and work clutter, organization and time management issues. Here’s how it works:

  • Lessons are delivered by e-mail weekly beginning immediately after you register.
  • Inside each email, there’ll be a link to a short video that I created to introduce you to the week’s topic and activities.
  • Each lesson has an exercise that should take no more than a half-hour a week.

The 148-page companion workbook provides you with tons of more instruction and information! If you have Internet access, an e-mail account and a half hour each week, then you have the right stuff to be organized and simplify your life!

The Clutter Rescue Course is perfect for you if:

  • you want the best, time-tested information that will have you be organized once and for all
  • you want to know what clutter really is, because it’s not the sign of a cluttered, disorganized or creative mind!
  • you like to learn things a little at a time, because you’ll have an easier time implementing the material
  • you like a support system, because you want to stay on track
  • you have problems focusing on things for too long, because your lessons will be short and to the point
  • you want a simpler, much more enjoyable life, because you and the people around you deserve it!

Clutter Rescue Course creator Patty Kreamer is a Certified Professional Organizer and author of “…But I Might Need It Someday” and The Power of Simplicity. Since 1999, she has been involved in hands-on organizing every day to help her clients live an organized, clutter-free life. She’s also worked with corporate clients all across North America to help them become more productive and perform at an optimum level. Patty is also a consultant, coach, professional speaker, and media subject matter expert, and has served as President of the National Association of Professional Organizers – Pittsburgh chapter and of the National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh chapter.


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