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Organized A to Z Blog has a new home!

Our new blog address is

All of the previous informative content is still available there.

Please update your bookmarks and don’t forget to update your site feeds! Thanks!


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We have a new home!

We’ve moved! Our new blog address is All of the previous content, as well as new posts, is available there. Please update your bookmarks and site feeds. Thanks!

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February’s Storage Plan – Tackle Your Kitchen!

For our monthly organizing project, the month of February will focus on your kitchen. We have several items that will make kitchen organization much easier for you, but remember to create a system that will work for you. Below are a few tips. You can accomplish them all in one afternoon, or set a goal to complete one task each week. By the end of the month, you’ll have a neat and clutter-free kitchen that fits your lifestyle!

  1. Start by cleaning out those drawers! Remove utensils and other items that you don’t use and place them in a box that you will donate to a local charity. Bamboo Expandable ShelfUse drawer dividers and sectioned trays to help keep silverware and kitchen tools easy to see and grab when you need them.
  2. Next, tackle the cupboards! Throw away outdated food and spices, and use expandable shelf organizers and risers to keep items within reach. We love our Bamboo Expandable Step Shelf! It adjusts to fit in any size of cupboard and promotes an efficient use of space by allowing you to use the back of your cupboards without burying items.
  3. Saving receipts? You can easily organize these in a pocket  photo album, accordion file divided by month, or in a binder with sheet protectors. The same concept works for user manuals for your appliances and smaller kitchen tools as well.
  4. Take advantage of the surface space on your refrigerator! Use a dry erase board to track schedules, write notes, or record phone messages. Purchase a magnetic basket to store pens, pencils, paper, and even freezer tape. This gives you easy access when labeling items that you place in your freezer.

Let us know your tricks and tips that help you organize your kitchen. We love to share with our readers, and you’re sure to help out someone who has the same organizing goals that you have. Leave a comment or send your tips to Happy Kitchen Organizing!

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Busy Bodies Will Appreciate This Organizer

BusyBodyBook Personal and Family OrganizerAnother featured product for January, the BusyBodyBook Schedule Organizer for 2009-2010 will help you manage your time and save you money. Receive 10% off this month!

With our BusyBodyBook planner, time management is a breeze! Each family member has their own column to organize and track schedules and activities while coordinating with each other side by side.

The unique layout provides the clearest view of your daily & weekly schedules and activities, helping you stay organized, focused and on track. You’ll easily view overlapping schedules and avoid double-booking.

BusyBodyBook organizers are versatile it can be used to manage more than just family schedule. Here are some things to manage with your 2010 BusyBodyBook organizer:
  • BusyBodyBook Inside Lookhousehold projects
  • meal planning
  • personal goals
  • holiday or vacation preparation
  • important clients
  • school subjects: homework, test and projects
  • employees and/or projects

We especially love the perforated pages for creating handy grocery or gift lists. You can either stash your list in your purse, or hand it over to someone else and let them do the shopping!

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Store Your Stuff

Stuff BucketSometimes, you just need an attractive container to hold the stuff that accumulates throughout the day or week. Our versatile Stuff Bucket is the perfect solution! It’s another Featured Product for January, so you can order it at 10% off the regular price!

Designed for style and function the Stuff Bucket comes both a practical blank and canvas linen design or in an attractive black and white or raspberry swirl print that is available in either a round or square shape. The medium round bucket is lined with 27 pockets inside and out. The Square Stuff Bucket has 31 exterior and 8 interior pockets. They are made from durable nylon Cordura™ like material to last.

Swirl Stuff BucketPerfect for storing and organizing:
  • children’s art supplies or toy collections
  • tools, nuts and bolts
  • craft supplies
  • bath and beauty supplies
  • pet supplies
  • gardening supplies

Be sure to get yours today!

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Rescue Yourself from Clutter

Clutter Rescue CourseSometime you can spend a day and clear the clutter on your own. But sometimes, the clutter just seems too overwhelming, and you don’t know where to start. That’s when you need to call on professional organizer Patty Kreamer for help!

Destroy clutter with a one-two online/offline knockout punch! Patty Kreamer’s Clutter Rescue Course™ will not only help you clear out your unneeded, unwanted physical stuff, but it will also help you overcome a lot of the mental stuff, too!
As a January featured product, you can purchase it from Organized A to at 10% off!
And it’s well worth the investment. The Clutter Rescue Course™ is made up of two 10-week segments (and a 5-week bonus course) that cover personal and work clutter, organization and time management issues. The step-by-step “classes” are delivered via e-mail and each lesson is designed to be completed in just 30 minutes.
The Clutter Rescue Course™ is perfect for you if:

  • you want the best, time-tested information that will have you be organized once and for all
  • you want to know what clutter really is, because it’s not the sign of a cluttered, disorganized or creative mind!
  • you like to learn things a little at a time, because you’ll have an easier time implementing the material
  • you like a support system, because you want to stay on track
  • you have problems focusing on things for too long, because your lessons will be short and to the point
  • you want a simpler, much more enjoyable life, because you and the people around you deserve it!

Clutter Rescue Course™ creator Patty Kreamer is a Certified Professional Organizer and author of “…But I Might Need It Someday” and The Power of Simplicity. Since 1999, she has been involved in hands-on organizing every day to help her clients live an organized, clutter-free life. She’s also worked with corporate clients all across North America to help them become more productive and perform at an optimum level. Patty is also a consultant, coach, professional speaker, and media subject matter expert, and has served as President of the National Association of Professional Organizers – Pittsburgh chapter and of the National Speakers Association – Pittsburgh chapter.

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Make Your List, Check it Twice: Make December Nice! – Part 2

Contributed by Organized A to Z partner, M. Colleen Klimczack, Certified Professional Organizer, Peace of Mind Professional Organizing

Meeting Common Holiday Challenges

Gift purchases: Set your timer, just do it!

· Have you started? Are you lost in the middle?

· Decide what you’re buying for folks, by the items, wrap them and send them. Stop dawdling, just do it!

· Make your shopping list as specific as possible. Decision-making is the hardest, most time consuming part of organizing.

· Once you make a decision, write it down. For example, if you know you’re getting your son a White Sox jersey, don’t write down on your To Do list “Gift-Daniel.” Write down “Daniel – Sox Jersey, size M”. This enables others to help you, and it reminds you what you are looking for when you get to the store, etc.

· Carve out the time to make your purchases. The Internet is a wonderful thing this time of year. I love seeing the UPS guy walking up my walk! If you need to physically go out and shop, determine when your stores are open and carve out the time to do your shopping.

Wrapping gifts: Requires gifts are purchased, so this comes after “Shopping.” Set your timer, then…

· Set up your wrapping area (folding card table, guest room bed, who knows?!)

· Assemble your tools: wrap or gift bags, tissue paper, tape, ribbon, scissors, tags, and a pen.

· Go buy tools, if you need to.

· Wrap. Just do it! And do it again tomorrow and the next day, until you’re done.

· I tend to wrap my gifts long before Christmas. It gives me a chance to make sure I have all the gifts I need, add batteries or accessories, and leaves me time to pick up something else if I need to.

Read more of Colleen’s “get through the holidays” tips by visiting this blog tomorrow!

Colleen provides her clients with some Peace Of Mind about their homes, schedules, paper, families and lives. Her areas of expertise are the home and home office, small businesses, paper and time management, attics, basements and garages, closets and kitchens, and kids and families. She offers a wide range of organizational services, from presentations to products, small business mentoring to maintenance plans. She is a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), The Chicago Chapter of NAPO, The Evergreen Park Chamber of Commerce, and Faithful Organizers, a group for Christian Organizers.

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